PSB CW260 In-wall Speaker

The CW260 is a high performance in-wall surround speaker and is the first design of its type. It is optimized to the task of being a surround via having 2 (switchable) radiation patterns. These dual patterns both give it a more diffuse soundfield than conventional systems, as required for best surround sound. The CW260 has two wide range 2” units cross firing at 90 degrees to each other (one 45 degrees left the other 45 degrees right). The drive units are mounted on a contoured mounting plate. These contours are essential in obtaining a smooth response from the high frequency drive units and to allow their energy to appropriately fire away from the listening position.

Техническа спецификация

Frequency Range

Frequency Range (-6dB) 50-21,000Hz

1w (2.83V) @ 1m, IEC-filtered Pink Noise, C-weighted
Anechoic Chamber 87dB

Nominal 8 Ohms

Input Power
RMS, Clipping < 10% of the Time
Recommended 20-100 Watts
Acoustic Design
Midrange (Nominal) Dual 2” wide range units
Woofer (Nominal) 6-1/2” fiberglass textured polypropylene Woofer

Size (W x H x D)
Inches 9-1/2 x 15-3/8 x 3-1/2”
Cut-out 8-1/2 x 14-3/8”

• Highly diffuse radiation for best surround effect
• Switchable between Bipole and Dipole radiation patterns
• Three Driver, 2-way system with special wide range flat power response 2” units and 6 1?2” fiberglass textured polypropylene woofer
• Performance Enclosure and new construction bracket available
• Bipole/Dipole and Treble level switches allow for response adjustments