Epos K2

Подовите тонколони Epos K2 са най-големият представител от новата К-серия на производителя.
Забележка:Гриловете се продават отделно!

The K series features an unusual front firing slot port, rear mounted drivers and painted cabinet finishes. The K-Series is not only sleek and stylish, it also has a clever trick hidden up its sleeve.
Out of the box the K-Series is a stylish and sonically impressive passive loudspeaker, built to a very high standard. Now for the trick; designed into the K-Series is a latent upgrade path that allows it to be converted from a passive to a sophisticated ‘active digital’ product, using an optional Active-K module. Active-K allows the K2 to be at the heart of a 21st century ‘Hi-Resolution’ audio system.
The K-Series is much more than just another box loudspeaker, it paves the way to the future of Hi-Fi!

Техническа спецификация

POWER HANDLING: 150 Watts unclipped speech and music
SENSITIVITY: 90dB – 2.83v @ 1m
TWEETER: 25mm soft dome, 25mm high-temperature voice coil in a reservoir of Ferro-fluid and driven by a high quality neodymium magnet system.
BASS/MIDRANGE x2 150mm (300mm) of piston area made from a polypropylene cone with a 25mm high-temperature voice coil and large magnet system.
CROSSOVER: Tweeter = 1st order crossover feeds the tweeter and comprises of a 2.2uF high quality Polypropylene capacitor and metal oxide resistor.Mid/Bass = 2nd order low-pass filter, featuring a large iron-core inductor and high quality Polypropylene capacitor.The K2’s crossover can be configured in either single or bi-wire configuration, via large 4mm terminal posts.
INTERNAL WIRING: 18 AWG oxygen free copper stranded cable
FINISH: Satin White or Satin Black
GRILLE: Optional snap on Grille can be added.
SIZE: 875x185x250mm / 34.44×7.28×9.8 inches
WEIGHT: 11 kg / 24.25 lb per speaker (unpacked); 12 kg / 26.45 lb packed single speaker