IPCP Pro 250

The Extron IPCP Pro 250 is a versatile, high-performance control processor designed for centralized AV control in small to medium-size applications. As part of the new IP Link® Pro Series, the IPCP Pro 250 is engineered to be faster and more secure in almost every way. It features advanced security standards and Gigabit Ethernet, which ensures compatibility with multiple TouchLink® Pro touchpanels using today’s network infrastructure. It also supports Extron LinkLicense™ which enables the use of third party devices as primary control interfaces. The IPCP Pro 250 is an ideal choice for controlling multiple devices and signal types within an AV system.

Техническа спецификация
  • Supports TouchLink® Pro touchpanels
  • Supports secure industry standard communications protocols
  • Supports LinkLicense
  • One bidirectional RS-232 serial port with software handshaking
  • One bidirectional RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 serial port with hardware and software handshaking
  • One IR/Serial port for one-way control of external devices 
Extron Electronics
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