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About Audio Arte

Audio Arte offers a wide range of Hi-Fi and High-End Audio and Video equipment. We design and build high-quality Audio and Video systems, Home Theatres, video conferencing systems and other specialized AV solutions, home and office automation.

We specialize at integration of variety of video and audio components, CATV, SAT, IP and Telco and others. We build conference and meeting rooms, systems for Telemedicine, digital signage, 3D systems, hotel sound systems, audio equipment for shops, offices, schools etc. Public address systems, cinemas and theaters, workplaces, banks, offices, sports facilities etc.

The range of products we offer is a result of long and careful selection and brings excellent value and performance. Every product we sell or install comes with original manufacturer warranty and we offer additional post-warranty subscription services.

We have well equipped demo rooms for Audio and Video demonstrations and one special, with light controlled and perfect dedicated home theater with a Dolby Atmos Surround Sound and large screen. Rooms are acoustically treated, offering both standard acoustic characteristics of living space or studio environment for reference audio. When agreed in advance, auditions are possible outside standard business hours, and under certain conditions in the home or office of the customer.

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