EPSON EH TW9300 Projector

Киноманите ще се наслаждават с впечатляващият дисплей на този мощен проектор. Комбинация от високи технологии се съчетават, за да осигурят изключително качество на изображението с висока динамична контрастна стойност от 1 000 000: 1, 4K-подобрение, 3LCD технология, UHD BD и HDR поддръжка. 

Ultimate positioning flexibility for any environment and features that provide a true cinema experience at home
Looking for the ultimate flexibility when it comes to installation? Ours is quick and simple thanks to a premium optical zoom ratio, and lens shift capabilities up to ±96.3 percent on the vertical axis and up to ±47.1 percent on the horizontal axis. What’s more, the motorised zoom, focus and lens shift can store up to 10 different positions, letting you easily switch between different aspect ratios at the touch of a button. The high-quality optical zoom makes it possible to use shorter cables, keeping any possible signal degradation to a minimum. In addition, this projector can be calibrated to professional ISF standards for the perfect image.